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The Global Education Office offers multiple programs for Americans and established internationals from the university and local community to get to know international students and scholars studying at VCU.

Global Café

International and domestic students, faculty, staff, and community visitors are invited to monthly for socializing and refreshments. It is a time for campus and community members to meet and develop friendships. Everyone is welcome!
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Conversation Partner Program

Fluent English-speaking volunteers meet for at least one hour each week with VCU's international students/scholars to enable them to learn more about American culture, practice English language skills, and gain confidence in their communication abilities. Volunteers serve as a cultural mentor to international students/scholars and practice cross-cultural communication skills. View more information about the program. To contact us, email

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Friendship Families

The VCU Friendship, Family and Cultural Exchange Program (VCU FFACE) provides Richmond community members and international students and scholars the opportunity to develop cross-cultural friendships with each other. The FFACE Program provides sustained interactions between American families and international students / scholars, increases and enhances cultural understandings, and provides insight into a world beyond the students’ and community participants’ own perspectives and experiences. Community volunteers and students to meet at least once a month to participate in whatever activities they would like. This could include family dinners, sporting events (baseball games, etc.), local food and music festivals, museums, canoeing, etc. The Global Education Office also coordinates several group events each year. For more information, email

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American Holiday Visits

International students and scholars are invited into a home with a local family to experience a typical American holiday such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, or the 4th of July. For more information, email

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