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Launched in Spring 2016, the VCU Muslim Advocacy Task Force is designed to: 


the VCU and Greater Richmond community about how to become allies for Muslim people and those who practice the Islamic faith.


for Muslim students who may experience anti-Muslim bias on campus and in the greater community.


diversity at VCU by ensuring that our campus remains a welcoming and inclusive community for people of all cultures.

Common myths about Muslim people and Islam

Myth #1: All Muslim people are Arab or Middle Eastern.
Myth #2: Islam is a violent religion and Muslims identify with terrorism.
Myth #3: You can’t be Muslim and be a patriotic American.
Myth #4: Muslim women are forced to cover their heads with a hijab.

Ending Anti-Muslim bias begins with you

Find out what resources Virginia Commonwealth University offers to help ensure that our campus remains a welcoming and inclusive community, and how you can help.


Muslim Advocacy